There are some things that are absolutely fascinating when it comes to working in my brain. But when push comes to shove everything really boils down to figuring out how to help people the most. Every discipline I am into is somehow about helping people. I use Physics to lean on music and help people enjoy and appreciate the audio of music. I use psychology to help my friends walk through their life and think through their stuff. I use everything I love to try to help people and to learn the things to bring back to society.

I think that it is easy to see how we are invested in disciplines. I am into psychology. Not every, but most discoveries in the field of psychology has been made by someone who was very focused on their discipline. It is very important to go down a path to learn more. you cover far more ground going down a road than covering an area. But other than that, also it can be very important to see other peoples ideas and build on that.

I also have obtained a lot of knowledge that is very specific due to necessity. In audio you need to learn a large amount of physics to get things right. I have delved deeply into some very specific niches. It is fascinating.

I don’t think that disciplines are something that are needed to learn. I think that if we look back at the ideas of Plato, and his Academy in Greece, we see that knowledge is not divided into subcategories. Knowledge is knowledge, and all knowledge is important. I don’t agree with the idea that disciplines are these big gnarly angry things that need to be broken up and spread throughout the world. I do agree with the fact that interdisciplinary things are needed in this world. And that IDS is important, it is the way the world works and IDS has brought us many things including cellphones, and GPS technology. But I do believe that it can be very hard to teach all knowledge, and it is a necessary fact of life that disciplines exist and must exist.

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