So the last thoughts that I have on my Intro. IDS course are enclosed below, but here is the summation: I like IDS people. I like IDS thoughts. I don’t always like the way IDS people talk about IDS thoughts. And I don’t always agree with the IDS people. But generally I agree with the ideas of the department as a whole, not always the people the course teaches. Much like Philosophy and Plato.


So I was tasked with thinking about “three ideas, strategies, or tools” from this course that I would like the continue to grow in and use in other courses and throughout my life. The first thing that I thought of was using Linkedin more efficiently. This is a literal tool I will probably use in the future, but I think it will be fairly helpful just as somewhere to point people, not really as somewhere to get jobs. But then I thought a little bit harder and I realized there were three other things that would help me more in my next year as a student before heading back into the open seas of life away from this port of comfort.

First I think that I will take the idea of trying to make fruit salad seriously and more intentionally as I do my major related activities. I am blending physics and music. I have currently blended them quite well in my real life as a human, but I am bound to be blending them into one single language itself instead of needing to switch metaphorical hats every time I do it. I think that the more I think of this as not a major of combining music and physics, but more of a major or looking at where they are one and the same. I think that will help me a) get through physics, and b) get through my music classes. I love the both of them, but sometimes I need a little help just staying in college and not going back to a job. Even though I know I need to do this to teach me better. Which brings me onto the second topic:

The idea of Open Educational Resources is something that I have been toying with for the past few months. I have finally come to a decision about them. I enjoy the idea. And I am going to become one myself. I hear the “What the heck, Ben that is not what that means!” from here. Hold the horses that belong to you for a second. I am not saying that I am going to publish myself for free. I am saying that instead of telling people, especially high schoolers, “Yeah I would suggest chatting with your music teacher.” or “Yeah I love it, I would try to find someone who does this around you or near you.” I will instead say “Yeah, you like this crap. Pull up a chair and watch.” I will train more than just my apprentice at once, and I will try to bring this into my classes. I will be there as a helper, as someone who will come along side those trying to figure out life, problems, or the thing we are studying and instead of trying to help them find someone to get them on the path. Be the person to get them on the path.

The last thing I thought of was Open Pedagogy. I know this is very similarly connected with the thing above, but hear me out. I don’t like it necessarily. I don’t dislike it either, I just always in the mental state to be able to talk to others, or research things on my own. I do think that it is a much better thing for me to try to stretch myself in. I will in the future of these last few months of class try to get something like comfortable with open pedagogy. This will also help me in the real world as I train my apprentice and bring him up in the world of Audio himself. I will try to not just teach him how I was taught. I will try to teach him in multiple different ways with multiple different layers so he can design and chose how the pedagogy of his apprenticeship will go–to an extent. I cannot always teach audio in a visual way during a live event, but I can help to teach the concepts in ways that he may find useful, other than just a piece of paper, a pencil, and talking.

Those are the three primary ideas I believe I will be bringing out of this course and into the world at large as well as the other courses I am in for the next few months of study. I am not going to completely ignore this place either. I will come back here for other courses I am sure, as well as keeping it up to date so that I can look back on what I may have done in this class. Instead of weekly readings or anything, I will probably do more bi-monthly posts about interesting gigs I have worked, or how I am slowly being driven mental by my apprentice. Either way, I will probably try to continue this. I shall try.

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts — especially when they are skeptical — throughout this term, Ben. People within any field often disagree with each other about just about everything, and it can lead to healthy and productive conversation. It’s especially true of people in Interdisciplinary Studies — they don’t even agree on what “interdisciplinary” means! That you are one of us is absolutely clear not because you agree with all of the readings, but precisely because you don’t!

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