As is mandated, and a good idea in general, I am trying to continually learn. I continually float through places like Reddit, and other forums to find what other Audio Engineers are doing, but I do not have the network to learn more of the physics and psychological aspects. So Twitter has become how I should do this. And this is my plan:

  • add a Twitter widget to your ePort
  • Following 1-10 new academic and professional (“acaprof”) accounts per day
  • A minimum of 1 simple acaprof retweet a day
  • A minimum of 1 quoted retweet a day
  • A minimum of 1 reply a day
  • A minimum of 1 acaprof tweet of your own per day
  • 1-10 favorites per day
  • Active use of your relevant acaprof hashtags
  • Use of helpful apps (Twitter for mobile; Tweetdeck; etc)
  • 5 days a week (minimum) of this tweeting. 10 minutes a day or so.

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