Ok, so this may be a distraction from the way that I have been talking about the reading material in this class of late, however; I really enjoyed the reading by Karen Cangialosi. 

So obviously I am a person who is into Music and who is into Physics. There is not a lot of overlap there in the pedagogy of the traditional class in both music and physics. And I think that can change. I really enjoyed how Cangialosi called out the rest of the science-teaching community and brought to the forefront the idea that yes, yes you can teach the “harder” sciences in a more open way pedagogically.

Now personally I enjoy “large lecture halls” where the lessons are “given by lecture”, because I am an auditory learner. No matter how many times I read something I am almost never going to remember it, but if someone talks to me, I tend to be able to remember that a lot better. But believe it or not, not everyone is like me in that way. I believe that while there is some value to being in a lecture, there is just as much value to learning in a more open way. The latter way there are people who would be lost only by the lecture who are brought into the know with the other forms of learning.

Straying back to the typical cryptic and critical views on your regularly scheduled programming, I would also warn people from straying too far in the other direction. In this class I do not think I have learned and retained nearly as much knowledge as I do in my Chemistry class at the same time at night. This is because in my Chemistry class there are lectures and lessons that are taught verbally and through tactile learning of the lessons. In this class almost all of the learning is through visual learning and trying to “engage” with that is very difficult for me, so I tend to try to put it off for as long as possible.

While I am thrilled that there is this movement to a more open pedagogical world, I am worried that those that thrive in the current world might start to stagnate if everyone tries to move away from the lectures at the same time.

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