It was left unstated in the readings, but nothing is perfect. No one thing is going to be able to teach everyone in the way they respond to best. I do think that it is important to learn the new digital age at the university level, but it is also equally important to be able to not get hung up on that.

Digital Literacy is just like normal literacy. It is very important to be able to read and write at a collegiate level for most everything that happens after university schooling. Just so it is important to be able to “read and write” digitally. But it is not important for every person to be able to write a book and understand how books are made, what makes a good book, and become book critics over their tenure at university if they are studying engineering.

There is a tendency to think that understanding the nuts and bolts of the internet and what the internet is and who the internet is for, is somehow important to everyone that uses the internet. While it is fascinating for some, and indeed the money maker for still fewer, there is a large portion of the world for whom understanding the complexities of websites, webpages, and servers, is simply unnecessary.This is the same as it is with languages. It is fascinating to some how languages morph to some very few and specific people. But that is not taught when teaching literacy of English.

In fact it is very difficult to honestly and completely match this idea with the idea of Interdisciplinary learning as a whole. Part of the point of IDS learning is that it is possible to to combine and blue the lines of disciplines, and that some people have a brain for that more easily than others. If we follow this, then some connections–such as the background of the internet–are important to be seen, but does that mean that every person needs to know them? Well, no.

Thats part of IDS, encouraging seeing things and connections that others don’t. IDS is about the opposite of “You need to learn this because we decided that you need to learn this. Who are we? We are a group of people who have learned this and decided you must learn this to be like us.” That’s the whole point of many of the readings after this week, so why did we ignore it before this week?

Nothing is perfect. It can be argued that this extra digital literacy is an excellent idea, it can also be argued that it is unnecessary and superfluous. But it can be stated to a reasonable degree that some of it could be interesting and perhaps useful years down the road.

Granted who knows if the internet will still be an important part of the world in a few years even?

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