There are multiple things I have learned out of classes–how to work with the GLD mixers, who to trust at my work, how I react when I am working 100-110 hours a week for more than 6 weeks in a row without a day off. I have also learned a few things in class. I have learned about how diseases affect honeybees in my Seminar class, and I have learned about standard deviations in Statistics class.

I learned about the bees in my Seminar class because we are trying to look at the problem of pollinators disappearing. My particular group looked in depth at the diseases and parasites that affect bees. According to the research done at Clemson, some of these parasites in fact burrow inside the trachea of the honey bee making them too heavy to fly, and slowly eating them from the inside out. Some sources even say that the only way to eradicate American Foul Brood Disease is to exterminate the bees and burn the hives.

As for Statistics, amazingly there was one interesting concept there as well. Standard Deviation and “z” scores are fascinating to me. Essentially, according to Professor Blaine, when given a large enough sample size that is relatively unbiased one way or the other, it is possible to test in theories are correct without needing to sample a ridiculously large amount. This is actually really interesting to me, for reasons I cannot explain.

Now, these two concepts can actually be related pretty well. If we sample say 1,000 hives of honey bees for Tracheal mites, we can take that number, say 60, and give a straight proportion: 6%. But if we use some fancy maths, we can figure out how likely it is and say that with a 90% certainty it is actually between 0-13%. Which 6% lies in the middle of roughly. But that could mean that world-wide about 13% of hives are infect, or it could mean we got a realy bad population to sample.

Now, this is not super directly connected to my major of Music Physics I admit. BUT, stay with me here. I am not enrolled in any Music classes, Physics classes, or anything even remotely similar. And the only class where we have talked about either music or physics or anything related in in my Computer Science class when talking about digital audio. I didn’t learn anything new in that class, so I cannot with clean conscience say I learned something in that class.

I have enjoyed the learning I have done this semester, it has been a bit hectic, a bit dull and tedious, but good none-the-less. In reality I only have a few semesters left, and that realization hit hard. But It is a good one to make, because I will refuse to take courses that are of little to no interest to me from here on out. I am hoping that in the comping semesters I will take more classes that can be directly related to my major, and less related just to general knowledge one might need to get a liberal arts degree in the state of New Hampshire.

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