Where am I from? Frankly, I do not know. I was born in Nashua. I lived in Reading. Then I lived in Switzerland. Then I lived in MA again. Then I lived–you get the point. I have lived for extended periods of time in 2 continents, many countries, states, and even counties within states. But this is in fact, the most important part. While I feel incredibly attached to New England (where I lived through Middle and High School), I feel very little attachment to the greater United States. I also know that this has shaped my humor, thought process, and even the fact I do not trust people.

I am a scholar. But not a very academic one. I do not have a very good track record with courses. I am not good at pretty much any academic field, and I don’t really enjoy any courses. I am a specialist in a few things. Some of which are not very family friendly. I am arguably a scholar in some deadly arts, and a specialist in some life-giving arts (Which kind of sounds like something a wizard in Monty Python might say). What am I a specialist in that allows me to stay at Plymouth State University? Well, I am trying to become a specialist in music, and physics. But, this is not really something that would be the primary bit. I am truly a specialist in Audio. And of course, this is because of the human I have met, loved, and influenced me.

This is where I am going to go silent, partially for legal reasons, and partially for personal reasons. Here is all I am going to say. Coaches, COs, and teachers have certainly helped me through many issues. There are two people I am perfectly fine to talk about: Tolkien, and Tony. Tony is someone who I consider my mentor in more ways than one, and has helped me through the audio world in every possible moment. Tolkien. Tolkien has helped me through hardship and love. He has brought me through terrible occurrences, and through terrific occurrences. His books were an escape and enlightening to me. I have not one, not two, but three tattoos based on his work.

One of my tattoos

I know this is probably an unpopular opinion, but I do not think that I chose to be an inter-disciplinarian. I believe that you have to try to be disciplinary. I think that it is in human nature to combine information learned in different areas in order to better one’s self in a certain way. Learning about how to keep someone alive, also can be used to keep them not alive. Learning how to count and use mathematics, and improve your life in music. Learning about Biology can improve your life while hunting. Life is not disciplinary. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.

Trying to figure out something that could be considered a life work of mine was….not hard. Live Sound. It really was not hard at all. Live sound is really really easily my life work. But first. What is a life work?

A life work is something that you do for your life. Not to survive, but for your mental life almost. I am really good at farming. I don’t hate it. And I am not bad. I would never be able to call it my life work because I cannot, for any extended period of time, consider doing ONLY that in my life. I would go crazy. Bonkers. Hate myself. On the other hand, doing nothing but live sound with musicians for my whole life….yeah I could get behind that.

I probably should have had some more trouble trying to figure something out, but I really didn’t. Everything I do revolves around this, even my computers. I ditched intel, and got an AMD CPU because it would help me out in live sound. I ditched a desktop and got an inferior rack mounted case so that it is easier to cary around. I have no problem saying that live sound is something that I keep close to my heart, and this was proven these past 6 months.

When Covid-19 came through the U.S., live music was one of the first and most long lastingly destroyed things. Only two weeks into the shut down I had a quote.

I didn’t realize how much of my mental health was based around feeling a subwoofer multiple times a week.

Of course, my good friend, to whom I had told said quote, responded instantly “we did,” proving in my mind that I was not wrong with my thoughts.

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